Typesetting / Design DTP Services

What is Desktop Publishing/Typesetting?

Desktop publishing involves highly skilled graphic designers using specialist software to design and recreate documents for print to a commercial standard. Desktop publishing ensures that documents such as technical manuals, flyers and corporate brochures are designed or modified to the highest standard; always ensuring that layout, text and images are accurate.

Global marketing requires an innate understanding of the target audience’s linguistic and cultural nuances to help create successful advertising and PR campaigns. Our linguists can accurately and subtly translate your concepts and strategies into your target languages.

Desktop publishing/Typesetting significantly enhances the quality of files when done well particularly when recreating a file from one language to another. This process enables clients to confidently reproduce various documents into a different language with the knowledge that information being received by the end user is accurate and visually consistent.

With our large network of translators, we offer clients a multilingual project management service which meets their marketing language needs in any medium or format. We work to ensure that our translations maintain the consistency of your message and the integrity of your organisation in every language.

Our range of marketing services includes:


We can provide translation support for marketing materials including:


  • Catalogues and promotional literature
  • Product packaging
  • Press releases
  • Translate Websites
  • Sales presentations
  • Adverts