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Language vs Dialect. What’s the difference? And What Are Some Common British Dialects? Language. Dialect. Dialect. Language. Are they the same? Are they different? Generally speaking, a language is a system of communication, either spoken or written, that is used by a particular country or nation. On the other hand, a dialect can be defined […]

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Why Talking To Yourself Is A Great Way To Practice Your Speaking Skills. There is no denying that speaking is an integral part of learning a new language. However, for some of us, learning to speak with accuracy, fluency AND confidence comes with many challenges. Out of the four key skills, speaking the foreign language […]

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Conquer Your Fears! Tips On Speaking English With Confidence. Did you know that the official word for the fear of foreign languages is “Xenoglossophobia”? For anyone learning a second language, a common fear is, indeed, conversing in that language with other people, especially with natives. Now, this is not a fear that you should be […]