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A Guide To Opening Conversations In English For many students learning the English language, opening a conversation can be daunting and awkward. This appears to be a universal fear considering that we would all like to leave a positive impression and not embarrass ourselves by stumbling over our words. However, speaking practice is imperative if […]

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Punctuation In Written English EXPLAINED! Following on from our previous blog post, we concluded that punctuation is imperative in written English as it adds sense, clarity and stress to your text. One embeds full-stops, commas, question marks, exclamation points, hyphens, semi-colons, brackets and so much more into their writing! With so many elements falling under […]

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How Important Is Punctuation In Written English? Those pesky commas, full-stops and semi-colons are omnipresent in written English, and to non-native speakers of the language, mastering punctuation can present itself to be a particular challenge. There are numerous rules and structures that must be followed for proper implementation, but let’s be real, are commas and […]

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English As A Global Language English is a beneficial language to learn. In fact, it’s perhaps the most frequently learnt second or additional language for foreign speakers across the world. But why is that so? Well, it’s a no-brainer to suggest that English is a global language; it is the current lingua franca. But what […]

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British Horizons Is Now A Cambridge English Preparation Centre! At British Horizons, we have great news that we would like to share with you. Basically, we are super excited that we are now able to prepare learners of all levels for their Cambridge English Qualifications! In other words, British Horizons is a Cambridge English preparation […]

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7 Benefits Of Learning A Second Language In today’s increasingly globalised world, proficiency in a second language (particularly English) is a vital skill that allows you to engage with the world in a more meaningful and rewarding way. That being said, what are the top 7 benefits of acquiring knowledge of a second language? #1 […]

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Common Differences Between American And British English English is the current lingua franca whereby it is spoken across all corners of the globe. As such, when you are learning this language, it is important to stick to a specific variety. Not only will this ensure consistency, but it will also give your English a more […]

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Is Mastering Grammar Actually That Important? Making grammatical mistakes when we write or speak is a natural part of learning a language. Now, you may be reflecting back to when you were a child and how your parents didn’t drill verb tables and tense formations into your head when you were developing your speaking skills. […]

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Why Talking To Yourself Is A Great Way To Practice Your Speaking Skills. There is no denying that speaking is an integral part of learning a new language. However, for some of us, learning to speak with accuracy, fluency AND confidence comes with many challenges. Out of the four key skills, speaking the foreign language […]

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Conquer Your Fears! Tips On Speaking English With Confidence. Did you know that the official word for the fear of foreign languages is “Xenoglossophobia”? For anyone learning a second language, a common fear is, indeed, conversing in that language with other people, especially with natives. Now, this is not a fear that you should be […]

7 tips improve english

English is a beneficial and fun language to master. There are so many easily accessible resources available that will enable you to improve your English language skills, even outside of the classroom.
Here are our top tips on how you can practice your English in your spare time: