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Our English Language Centre 

Programmes in Tangier

General English

Students studying General English courses will cover the four main skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, along with developing their grammar and vocabulary. The focus of all of our General English courses is to develop your communicative abilities and to activate your existing knowledge of English.

English lessons are generally based on everyday topics such as booking a train ticket or hotel room, grocery shopping or giving directions, and are active, task-based and relevant.

  • If you are a beginner you will learn how to introduce yourself, tell the time, talk about where you live, share your likes and dislikes and many other useful topics.
  • If you are an intermediate learner you will learn how to deal with parts of daily life in English such as travel, your job, eating, shopping. You will be able to talk about the plot of a book or your favourite film and even explain problems to a doctor in English.
  • If you are a more advanced learner, you will be able to talk about your professional experience, share your thoughts and opinions on current affairs and global topics. Debate and discuss world news. Learn colloquial expressions and understand jokes in English!

Students have the choice of studying in the morning or the afternoon, at levels from Beginner to Advanced. You will be given a level check before enrolment.

Business English

Global business relies on the English language especially in the areas of international trade and diplomacy. To compete on a global scale, it is essential to be able to understand and speak English to a good level.Business English at British Horizons is a 20-hour course. This course combines level-specific language development with exposure to business situations, appropriate vocabulary and case studies. The objective of the programme is to give students the skills and linguistic tools necessary for the workplace. Classes are held in the morning, afternoon or evening. Levels range from Intermediate to Advanced.

Exam Preparation

We also offer an IELTS preparation course to achieve great results and pass exams.

Exam Preparation at British Horizons is a 15-hour English course where students are placed into a focused Exam Preparation and practice class held in the morning. Studying this English course combines level-specific language development with examination preparation, tailored to the international English examinations (Cambridge FCE and IELTS). Upper Intermediate level is required for Exam preparation courses.

One-to-One Classes

With a one-to-one English course, specific content is entirely up to the student, depending on their level of English and individual learning objectives. Students will have an interview before enrolment, in order to establish their exact needs and we will then design a bespoke English programme. Students can book from as little as one hour to a full semester, and classes can take place at a time that suits them, excluding holidays.


English for Nurses

Our English for Nurses course starts at Intermediate level and focuses on expressions and vocabulary related to the medical field. It is designed for current medical professionals wishing to work overseas.

English for Tourism

Our specialized English for Tourism course teaches students of Intermediate level and above English related to the tourism and hospitality industry.

Small Class sizes

We try to keep our classes as small as possible, and have a maximum number of 15 students per class.