A safe place for your child to build confidence

At British Horizons, we want to help you with shaping your child’s future so that they have the skills and confidence to grow up in our globalised world. With us, your child will learn much more than a few simple words and structures in the English language, rather they will develop the confidence so that they are able to express themselves freely and enthusiastically. Our courses are available for young people of various ages. We offer classes for:

Our experienced teachers prepare exercises that revolve around developing practical skills. So, beyond English language skills, you child will hone key competences that are beneficial for all walks of life and career paths. For instance, our interactive classes and group activities will expose your child to the importance of communication, collaboration and interpersonal skills. Meanwhile, the lessons as a whole will put your child’s critical thinking and analytical skills into practice.

In short, our comprehensive kids classes will prepare your child for whatever they wish to achieve in their future.  

What are the classes like at British Horizons?

We want your child to see their English learning journey as an adventure that they will never forget. This is why we ensure that our classes are interactive, engaging and that they spark the imagination of your child.

Appropriate grouping

In order to maintain motivation levels within the classroom, we aim to group students who are of similar ages and abilities. This will, in turn, create an atmosphere whereby your child feels comfortable, at ease, as well as incredibly eager to learn.

Expert teachers

Additionally, our expert teachers prepare lively classes that will encourage your child to not only participate in class activities, but to also practice speaking English with their classmates on a regular basis.

Age- and level-appropriate lessons

It is also important to us that our students enjoy attending their lessons, and we achieve this by covering age-appropriate topics and themes that will keep your child engaged. By teaching our students something new every class, they will witness their own progress and we hope that this boosts their confidence further.

So, regardless of the reasons for why you would like your child to learn English, we, at British Horizons, can guarantee a rewarding learning experience that will benefit anyone’s future. Learning English will open up a world of new and exciting possibilities!