What Will I Learn During My General English Courses at British Horizons?

Our General English Courses are designed to help you make rapid progress in English. Our expert teachers focus on developing your ability to communicate in all types of common scenarios. Not only will you build an extensive vocabulary range, but you will also have many opportunities to practice speaking and writing in English. In order to help you to reach your goal, classes will include regular activities that will test your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. You will learn to use words and phrases in the correct contexts, develop your understanding of grammar rules, as well as improve your overall pronunciation.

Essentially, this comprehensive course will enable you to enhance your knowledge on the language required for: 

Daily life
Everyday English

At British Horizons, we strive to make English classes as accessible as possible and as such, this course is available to all students. Our teachers accommodate to various levels and will tailor classes to your ability.

So, Why Study General English?

Knowledge of English is becoming increasingly important and beneficial in our globalised world.

Firstly, by having general English under your belt, this can truly propel your chances of obtaining a job abroad, or a job in an international organisation. If you would like to broaden your career prospects, then equipping yourself with some general English can really help open up new professional opportunities.

young woman

Likewise, general English can support your applications to foreign universities or educational institutions. There are many courses overseas that are offered in English. As such, by acquiring knowledge of the language, this can really help your candidature to stand out from the crowd! Studying abroad is, without a doubt, a wonderful way to learn and experience a new culture.

General English is also beneficial for, well general situations. Whether it’s watching English movies, socialising, ordering food at a restaurant, reading information online, or even buying a travel ticket, general English will equip you with all that you need to know in order to go about your daily life with confidence.

So, regardless of whether you aspire to become fluent in English, or you just want enough language to get you through your next holiday, British Horizons is here to help you to improve your General English skills and secure your future.