Essential Winter Vocabulary & Phrases – Advanced Reading

Winter – typically associated with snow, blazing fireplaces and early sunsets. For many of us across the globe, the winter months of December, January and February (in the northern hemisphere), present the perfect opportunities to snuggle up with blankets as well as to gawk at beautiful frozen landscapes.

Winter in the UK

Without hesitation, one would characterise winter in the UK as dark, cold and miserable. However, you will find that many Brits consider winter as their preferred or favourite season. So, why is that? Essentially, there are two major holidays that fall in December – Christmas and New Year.

From early December through to the beginning of January, the majority of Brits take time off work to enjoy the festivities with their friends and families. It is a time predominantly for celebrations, get-togethers, sales and discounts at shops, and, of course, making the most of a well-deserved break.

Brrrrr… some of the coldest days of the year fall in Winter, with temperatures often falling well below freezing. As such, waking up to frost-covered lawns and pavements as well as to ice-covered car windscreens is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. Also, don’t be surprised that many of us can go days without being exposed to daylight! This is because the days tend to be very short during the Winter months with London, for example, seeing no more than 8 hours of daylight at the end of December! Despite the lack of sunlight, the streets and town centres are brightened up with Christmas lights and decorations.

Additionally, the UK can almost always expect snowfall at some point during winter. Regardless of whether the snow is 10 millimetres or 10 centimetres deep, it causes chaos and triggers havoc for drivers. With enough snow, schools are closed and public transport is cancelled, meaning that traveling by foot is the sole option if you need to get out and about. While the many of us simply remain indoors, it is difficult, however, to restrain yourself from barrelling outside to build a snowman or have a snowball fight or two.

Although it might be a little cold and dark, don’t let that put you off from visiting the UK during winter. Just grab your coat, scarf and gloves, and join us for a cup of hot chocolate and festivities.

Would you like to experience winter in the UK? Let us know your thoughts!