Essential Summer Vocabulary & Phrases

It’s finally summer! Meaning that school’s out, the sun is blazing, and the days are long. For many across the globe, the summer months of June, July and August (in the northern hemisphere) present perfect opportunities to jet off on long awaited holidays and to take a well-deserved break.  

Summer in the UK

Who doesn’t love summer? And for us Brits who have to contend with wind, rain and coldness for the majority of the year, summer is definitely the favourite season for many. Even though the UK is often associated with gloomy weather, we still get to experience basking in the glorious summer heat.

On average, summer days hover around 21-25 degrees, however, temperatures can sometimes soar up to 32 degrees! Perhaps much to your surprise. We usually experience these above-average temperatures when we are enduring everlasting heatwaves, giving us long spells of very warm and dry weather.

That being said, British weather never ceases to be unpredictable as the total rainfall over the course of summer varies from year to year. So some years we see very little rain, other years we are, well, drowning, resulting into a sticky and humid feeling. As British houses are not built for this type of weather, people tend to experience much difficulty sleeping throughout hot and humid summer nights.

But just as the saying goes in the UK, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”.

Essentially, summer shows off a brighter side of the country with flowers, gardens and nature hotspots in full bloom. With ice-cream vans present on every street corner, and picnics and get-togethers taking place in parks up and down the country, this is the only time of the year when individuals can rock their summer dresses, sunglasses and shorts, as well as work on those glowing tans. For some reason, we love that bronzed look. There are also some truly magnificent beaches across British coastlines. So spending the day sunbathing, building sandcastles and then heading off to the chippy is a day very well spent. And oh yes! Who could possibly forget the smell of BBQ that wafts through the summer breeze every evening? Whether you’re a meat eater or a veggie, there’s a BBQ for everyone!

Fun fact: The highest temperature to ever have been recorded in the UK is 38.5 degrees in Kent on the 10th August 2003.

Would you like to experience a British summer? Let us know your thoughts.