English As A Global Language

English is a beneficial language to learn. In fact, it’s perhaps the most frequently learnt second or additional language for foreign speakers across the world. But why is that so? Well, it’s a no-brainer to suggest that English is a global language; it is the current lingua franca.

But what exactly do you mean by “global language”, and why is that a reason to learn English?

Although there is no official definition to “global language”, it essentially refers to any language that is learnt, spoken and used at an international level. To demonstrate the scale of how present English is, there are at least 1.4 billion speakers of English as a native or second language, and these speakers are distributed across all continents of the world! 

In addition to that, English is usually one of the main languages of interaction for many international organisations such as the United Nations, the World Health Organisation and the International Monetary Fund, for example.

Similarly, many multinational businesses and companies operate in English. It is also a business language that facilitates processes and procedures that may take place in multiple countries.

There are also a great number of higher education institutions that offer additional courses and programmes in English, opening universities to students from all over the world.

In other words, English acts as a common language that enables businessmen, politicians, healthcare and financial professionals, as well as world leaders to communicate about important global, business, or diplomatic affairs on a more equitable level.

So as you can see, English is a pivotal language for many organisations and institutions. As such, knowledge of English is becoming increasingly important and beneficial in our globalised world.

By having English under your belt, this can truly propel your chances of obtaining a job abroad, or a job in an international organisation. If you would like to broaden your career prospects, then equipping yourself with this global language can really help open up new professional opportunities. Likewise, English can support your applications to foreign universities or educational institutions. There are many courses overseas that are offered in English. For this reason, by acquiring knowledge of the language, this can really help your candidature to stand out from the crowd! Studying abroad is, without a doubt, a wonderful way to learn and experience a new culture.  

Do you think English will remain as a global language? Let us know your thoughts!