Education Qualification Translation

To enrol in educational institutions in the UK, you may require proof of previous qualifications. Similarly, applying for jobs often necessitates the evidence of relevant certificates and qualifications. If any of your educational qualifications are from abroad, it is important to have them accurately translated into English so they can be used and understood in the UK. At EK Translations, we have considerable experience in educational qualification translation from all over the world. By translating educational documents as accurately and swiftly as possible, we have helped numerous people with their employment or educational goals.


Our document translation service includes:


Experienced Translators – Our translators have decades of experience between them and are vastly experienced in all forms of document translation.
Expert Linguists – Our translators only translate to and from their mother tongue and are fully aware of all the nuances of the target language as well as English.
100% Accuracy – Our rigorous checking system involves each document being checked by different translators numerous times.
Fast Turnover – We aim to complete all projects within your deadlines.


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