Death Certificate Translation

Concluding the legal affairs of a lost relative or loved one often requires some sort of proof of their passing. It is common in this situation to present the death certificate as evidence. Death certificates translation are also required for things such as inheritance issues and life insurance compensation. It is, therefore, important to have non-English death certificates translated before being used in the UK. At EK Translations, our translators are experienced in translating all types of documents including death certificates, and we can help you by translating any legal documents in a swift and accurate manner.

EK Translations is renowned for quality of service which includes:

Skilled Linguists – Our translators are experts of language and are highly experienced in all forms of document translation.
Fast Turnover – If you need a translation project completed fast, we will work with you to find a suitable deadline.
Precision – Each document is checked numerous times by different translators before being returned to you.
Low Cost – Our competitive prices make us the company of choice for numerous clients.

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