Cambridge English Qualifications are the world’s most recognised exams and tests that serve as proof of your English language ability. Successful completion showcase how you have the required English skills to communicate in the real world. By taking up such a qualification, you will not only gain access to demanding academic and professional environments, but you will succeed in them too.

The Cambridge English Preparation Course at British Horizons focuses on developing the skills required for your particular exam. Cambridge English offers qualifications for school-age learners, for learners who need English for career and higher education purposes, as well as for professionals who need to succeed in an international workplace. 

Cambridge English offers a wealth of different exams covering all levels. You can find more information about the different exams here

School-age learners:

Both Cambridge English and British Horizons want your child to see their English learning journey as an adventure that they will never forget. This is why we ensure that our classes are interactive, engaging and that they spark the imagination of your child. From laying the foundations of English, to preparing your child for their future, our experienced teachers prepare exercises that revolve around developing practical skills. So, beyond English language skills, you child will hone key competences that are beneficial for all walks of life and career paths.

Careers & Higher Education:

This type of examination allows individuals to get into university, start a business, or even progress in a particular career path. As such, we will prepare our students in such a way that they will feel confident communicating in English in all walks of life. The exams are based on real-life situations so your classes will revolve around being able to speak effectively regardless of which scenario you may find yourself in. Additionally, the fact that our programme is face-to-face puts your conversational skills into great practice and, in turn, will prepare you for the speaking element of your exam.


These exams are designed to help professionals develop the Business English skills required to manoeuvre confidently around an international workplace or overseas. In order to help you to succeed, our classes are based on authentic situations, honing your abilities to communicate in real-life business situations. Unlike general English, the vocabulary and topics covered in our Business English classes build on your existing knowledge and will focus on scenarios such as, conducting presentations and meetings, writing reports, speaking with clients over the phone or via email, negotiating, and even having small talk with colleagues during breaks.

Additionally, we refuse to let our students enter an exam room blind. Throughout the course, you will be able to familiarise yourself with the format of the exam as well as with the types of questions that you will, most likely, have to answer. As such, we will ensure that you get the chance to complete a wealth of practice questions so that you truly feel well-equipped with all of the assets and knowledge required to ace your exam! Finally, in order to maximise your success, our teachers will provide regular feedback that has been tailored specifically around your performance.

We are proud of what our students can achieve and we look forward to joining you on your road to success.