At British Horizons, we are delighted to be able to prepare learners for their Cambridge English Qualifications. We recognise that a test of any kind is daunting, but fortunately, we can help you feel confident before heading into your life-changing English exam.

About Cambridge English Qualifications

Cambridge English Qualifications are the world’s most recognised exams and tests that serve as proof of your English language ability. Successful completion showcase how you have the required English skills to communicate in the real world. By taking up such a qualification, you will not only gain access to demanding academic and professional environments, but you will succeed in them too.

Cambridge English provides qualifications for every type of English learner. For instance, they provide qualifications for:  

In other words, regardless of the reasons for why you need to undertake such an exam, Cambridge English qualifications provide a strong foundation so that you are able to reach your personal goals. You can read more about the different qualifications that they offer here.

Furthermore, we would like to accentuate that Cambridge English qualifications are accepted by thousands of organisations and institutions worldwide. A great number of successful candidates have gone on to study or work at recognised institutions such as Microsoft, University of Stanford, Adidas, King’s College London, American Express, University of Oxford, and many more across the world! Your qualification could truly take you anywhere.

In short, Cambridge English qualifications are a mark of your excellence and achievements. Both Cambridge English and British Horizons believe that learning English is about having the confidence to communicate and access a lifetime of enriching experiences.

So, if you need some support to help ace your exam in order to unravel exciting opportunities, then click on the button below to read more about our Cambridge English Preparation Courses. We want to help you to unleash your ambitions!