Business English skills are becoming increasingly important.

Many organisations are, in fact, following a growing trend towards using English as their primary language of operation. As such, we, British Horizons, are proud to offer informative Business English Courses in order to support you with your career prospects.


What exactly is Business English?

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There is much more to speaking a second language than just the grammar rules and vocabulary. It is imperative to be aware that language is used differently depending on the context. For example, you may speak to your boss differently than to your mother. Essentially, Business English is a specific type of English that is used in a variety of different business contexts. For instance, this area of language is commonly used by professionals working in finance, trade, commerce and in many other international office environments. 

Business English encompasses  vocabulary that is necessary when in a workplace. Users of this type of English tend to expect clarity, structure and proper terminology. Therefore, this area of language is usually very high in formality and demands clear articulation.

So why study Business English?

Studying Business English will broaden your career prospects. It will introduce new opportunities to earn employment in English speaking countries, but to also work in international organisations.  

In short, great benefits will unravel when you embark on improving your Business English skills. In business, it is crucial that nothing is left to interpretation. By pursuing such a course, you will be able to communicate effectively and confidently in everyday work scenarios, both orally and in writing. 

Such situations may include:


Business English Courses At British Horizons


Our aim is to sharpen your communication skills so that you are able to confidently manoeuvre around your English-speaking workplace. We will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge that will become truly beneficial when you have to communicate with your colleagues or clients in English.

Unlike our general English courses, the vocabulary and topics covered in Business English will focus on scenarios such as, conducting presentations and meetings, speaking with clients over the phone or via email, and even having small talk with colleagues during breaks. Indeed, being able to speak English at this level will give you the competitive edge over someone who only has general English under their belt.