British Horizons Is Now A Cambridge English Preparation Centre!

At British Horizons, we have great news that we would like to share with you. Basically, we are super excited that we are now able to prepare learners of all levels for their Cambridge English Qualifications! In other words, British Horizons is a Cambridge English preparation centre!

Who Are Cambridge English And What Exams Do They Offer?

Cambridge English Qualifications are the world’s most recognised tests that serve as solid proof of your English language ability. Successful completion showcase how you have the required English skills to communicate in real-life scenarios. 

By taking up such a qualification, you will not only gain access to demanding academic and professional environments, but you will succeed in them too! A great number of successful candidates have gone on to study or work at recognised institutions such as Microsoft, University of Stanford, Adidas, King’s College London, American Express, University of Oxford, and many more across the world! Your qualification could truly take you anywhere that your heart desires.

Furthermore, Cambridge English offers a wealth of different exams covering all levels. For instance, they provide qualifications for school-age learners, for learners who need English for career and higher education purposes, as well as for professionals who need to succeed in an international workplace. In other words, regardless of the reasons for why you need to undertake such an exam, Cambridge English qualifications provide a strong foundation so that you are able to reach your personal goals.

How Can British Horizons Help?

The Cambridge English Preparation Course at British Horizons focuses on developing the skills required to ace your particular exam. Generally speaking, not only will you build an extensive vocabulary range, but you will also have many opportunities to practice speaking and writing in English. In order to help you to reach your ultimate goal, classes will include regular activities that will test your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, in turn, making you into an all-rounded English user. You will learn to use words and phrases in the correct contexts, develop your understanding of grammar rules, as well as improve your overall pronunciation. But most importantly, you will prepare for your exams in an enjoyable and rewarding way!

Do you aspire to gain some Cambridge English qualifications? Let us know your thoughts!