Uk boarding school experience

This unique programme is designed to allow international students enjoy an active fun vacation while learning the English language.


Key Information

Age: 14 to 17 years’ old

Course length: 2 weeks

Lessons: 10 -15 hours of English lessons

Class Size: Maximum of 11 students

Nationalities: student from over 40 countries.


What is included?

  • Full-board residential accommodation
  • Full sports & activities programme
  • Several excursions and shopping trips
  • Internet access
  • Laundry services
  • End of course certificate




English Language: Develop essential communication skills through academic subject themed approach. Learn key vocabulary relevant to modern life and develop language skills through active learning. Apply the linguistic skills learned in the classroom during the weekly workshop and activity classes.


Study Skills: Improve important academic skills such as essay and report writing, debating, and conducting experiments in an interactive learning environment. Develop independent learning skills essential to succeeding at a UK school or University.


Study in Action Excursions:

Each week includes two academically relevant study in action excursion days that form part of the programme. Students could visit different places such as West End Theatres, Buckingham Palace, Olympic park, BBC studios, Attingham Park, Warwick Castle, Liverpool Museums, Alton Towers, London Museums, Stratford-upon-Avon.


Cultural Immersion: students would have the opportunity to meet with other students from different cultural backgrounds as well as learning about the British Culture. The section of the course provides a clear understanding of the UK culture.

Fun, Holistic Programme: The Social programme and weekly excursions are well designed to link with the academic syllabus each week. Students are always busy and having fun inside and outside the classroom with the extensive social programmes available all to make their UK experience worthwhile.