British Horizons Language Centre, Morocco, is a subsidiary of EK Consulting Group UK, established in 2009. Since the start, our focus has been on excellence in customer service. We pride ourselves on doing the very best we can, whether we are providing English language learning, organizing student visits to the United Kingdom, study at British universities or high quality translation services.
Our new language centre in Tangier, Morocco, was established in response to the increasing demand for English language learning in Morocco. We believe students here deserve much more than the current standard of learning available and we are determined to provide world class English language teaching. To make this possible, we have invested in the most up-to-date teaching technologies and only hire qualified and experienced teachers.
As the importance of English continues to grow, we want to make sure that Moroccans have access to quality language learning; opening the doors to opportunities for international trade and investment in Morocco as a nation.
We decided to locate British Horizons in the city of Tangier, in order to strengthen our international reach and help residents of the city and its surroundings get the best possible English language education available.