A Covid-Eid In The UK

Considering that Eid al-Fitr is a national holiday in Islamic countries, what are Eid celebrations actually like in the UK?

Perhaps much to your surprise, Eid in the UK is not that different to how you would tend to celebrate it in Islamic countries. However, Eid is usually celebrated across separate days because different groups of Muslims follow different moon sightings and traditions. This is because the UK hosts Muslims who originate from various countries and continents from around the world, including Central and Southern Asia, the Middle East, as well as Northern Africa! As such, some groups will follow the moon sightings in Mecca, some may follow the closest Islamic country, while others may follow their home country, i.e. Pakistan or India, for instance. 

Essentially, irrespective of your preferences, many would simply take guidance from what their local Mosque confirms in terms of when Ramadan begins and ends.

This year, many worshippers had to celebrate amid relatively strict covid restrictions. So gatherings and morning Eid prayers were smaller than usual. That being said, most Muslims would nevertheless take the day off from work or school so that they are able to spend this festive time with their friends, families and communities. Despite the tumultuous events of the covid pandemic and the fact that you are dissuaded from hugging, gifts and food are still exchanged, new clothes are worn, and generous donations are humbly given to charity.

Indeed, the primary festivities will always remain as the Easter and Christmas holidays, but the UK has long accepted that Muslims are, and always will be, a part of British society. This can be conveyed by leaders and figures wishing Muslims around the country an Eid Mubarak, or even by the fact that supermarkets supply popular and cultural foods that are enjoyed by this group of people. So, even though Eid is not an official holiday in the Gregorian calendar, we are still able to experience a traditional, blessed and peaceful celebration.

Would you like to experience Eid in the UK? Let us know your thoughts!